My Wedding Dress

This was the very first dress I had ever made and it was for my toughest client ever: myself.  I had tried on multiple dresses and could never find exactly what I wanted; I liked the colour of this one, the straps of this one, the texture of that one and the shape of another. So I decided to create the perfect dress for me.  In the end we had a ruched pale peach silk bodice and upper skirt. There was a lace-covered underskirt which peeked out at the front and this tied in with the little lace bolero. There were three antique pieces which I decided I wanted to have on this dress with the showstopper on the bodice.


Antique veil: £100
Antique-beaded lace motifs: £630
Silk: £125
Underskirt: £35
Lining silk: £30
Boning: £15
My fee: £880

Total: £1815.00